Fully Galvanised
Reinforced hip ring
Outlet diameter - 400 or 600 mm
Sight glasses

Large Silos

Why Use this Silo

These silos are designed for commercial use and are suitable for a wide range of applications from agricultural milling through to plastics storage.
The 4.3m diameter range is available in 3 models: 85m3, 53 ton; 100m3, 62 ton; 125m3, 78 ton. We can supply and fit heavy-duty rigid augers as required.

  • Fully Galvanised—using galvanised sheet for the body and cone and hot dipped galvanised legs and bracing—designed for long life.
  •  Sight glasses—every 500mm—allows you to see what’s in the silo
  • 600mm Access hatch on the silo body.
  • 600mm inspection hatch on lid with safety mesh.
  • Lifting lugs—on lid allow the silo to be moved on site.
  • Outlet diameter – 400 or 600 mm—suitable for a range of connections.
  • Reinforced hip ringprovides extra support to the leg structure.
  • Heavy duty lid— 4mm galvansied chequerplate for added strength.
  • Access ladder with Safety Cage and safety guard (provides safe access to the top of the silo).
  • Handrails on the Silo lid— provides added safety wo rking on the top of the silo.
  • Auger boxes – standard or extra large 650mm box designed to the angle of the auger.
  • 400mm conveyer hatch opening on the lid

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Silo Customization

The outlets on your V-Mac silo are at standard height, however we can raise or lower these to suit your particular requirements.  (E.g. some customers prefer the auger connection to be at a certain height to suit their parlour set up.

Double doors (enclosed silos only)
We can install double doors on your V-Mac silo given you 70-inch-wide access under the cone. This can allow you to fill a loader bucket or with extra height give you somewhere to store a Quad!

Again, these are usually on the front right leg of a legged V-Mac silo or on the right of the door on an enclosed silo. However, we can position them wherever suits your particular needs. It is always worth checking to see how the meal truck will access the silo and where is the best position to site the pipes.

We can fit 10-inch pipe installations to your V-Mac silo which can allow you to fill bags, buckets or loader buckets.  The obviously work better with some product, like pellets as against wet mixes like blends or rations.  They are connected higher up on the side of the cone so they will always have to be emptied out of the bottom of the cone.

Sale Process


Sale Consultation

We discuss with you your requirements and spec out the best solution – this is usually done over the phone with our experienced team and we will supply a quote giving you delivered price.


Order Placed

If you want to progress, the order is placed.


Order Confirmation

We send you out an order confirmation which provides details on the V-Mac Silo ordered and specifications for the type of base required, a method statement for the Installation of the V-Mac Silo and our Safety Requirements for the Silo Installation. At this stage we will highlight any additional information that is required.



When you slot comes up – your V-Mac silo will be made and painted (if required)


Delivery Planning

Our team will call you to schedule a delivery date


Delivery and Installation

Our expert team of Installers will deliver and erect your V-Mac Silo – Its important that you have the installation site clear and ready for the silo delivery and that access to the base and the site is clear and free from obstructions and animals. Installation usually only takes 1 hour for a straightforward installation.