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Merchant Silos

The V-Mac Merchant silo is the very best solution for storing feed for commercial sale. The protected cone allows the feed to be filled into bags or tote bins without getting wet or blown about. This protected area can also be used to house weighing platforms and associated controls. The galvanized strip body is joined together using an interlocking process which gives a smooth wall finish on the inside while the interlocked seam on the outside gives the body added strength.
  • Enclosed cone – Silo body continues down to the ground enclosing the discharge cone and bagging spout. There is a 2m (6’6”) wide door opening.
  • The silo is emptied using a chain & pulley system.
  • allowing you to fill a tote bin or large bags easily.
  • 12 inch inspection hatch on the roof.
  • Ladder guard on roof to connect ladder.
  • Large inspection window on cone - only available on silos up to 900 cubic feet capacity.
  • Access hatch on the cone (18 inch diagonal).
  • Sight glasses – one on the cone and one on the silo body above the cone.  Extra sight glasses can be fitted upon request.
Approx Capacity Height Diameter
 tonnage ( cu ft) (cu m) (feet) (m) (feet) (m)
18 1000 28.3 28' 5" 8.7 10' 3m
20 1100 31.1 29' 8.8 10' 3m
21.5 1200 33.9 30' 2" 9.2 10' 3m
25 1400 39.6 32' 6" 9.9 10' 3m
28 1600 45.3 35' 9" 10.9 10' 3m
30 1700 48.1 38' 1" 11.6 10' 3m
35 2000 56.6 40' 4" 12.3 10' 3m
All our silos are custom built so that we can ensure that all your requirements are fully met.  Some common extras that customers require include:
  • Painting the silo to match sheds or to meet planning regulations – in either brown, grey or green.
  • Filler and Breather pipes – can be fitted anywhere around the silo to suit your yard layout.
  • Ladder with safety cages can be fitted as required.
  • Extra sight glasses can be fitted as required.
  • Heavy duty lid with Safety Rail can be supplied – this is particularly useful if you are going to fill the silo with a conveyor.
  • Conveyor hatches – can be fitted to larger silos.
  • Hoppers – can also be used to connect to augers.
  • Tote bins  - we can supply a range of tote bin and feed handling accessories ranging from 44 cubic feet capacity upwards – designed to be moved using forklifts or teleporters.

Purpose-built to your Specific Requirements

Customize Your Silo

All our V-Mac Silos are custom built to your specific requirements and its very important to us that you get the silo that is perfect for your needs. To allow us to do this we can provide several options at small additional costs.

Extra Height
Double Doors
Filler and Greater pipe position.
External Chutes

Sales Process


Sales Consultation

We discuss with you your requirements and spec out the best solution – this is usually done over the phone with our experienced team and we will supply a quote giving you delivered price.

  • What Size silo are you looking for?  (usually  big enough to hold 2 weeks or 1 month of feed)
  •   How are you going to empty the feed? Is it just filling into a bag or barrow, a loader bucket or into a feed system?  Or are you looking to fill a feed wagon
  • And finally do you need any customisations?
  • Do you need extra height under the outlet?
  • Do you need your V-Mac Silo Painted (if you are going for the TAM grant, you will need it painted)

Order Placed

If you want to progress, the order is placed.


Order confirmation

We send you out an order confirmation which provides details on the V-Mac Silo ordered and specifications for the type of base required, a method statement for the Installation of the V-Mac Silo and our Safety Requirements for the Silo Installation. At this stage we will highlight any additional information that is required.

Your production only goes into our production plan when we have all the information that we need to make your V-Mac Silo – this includes confirmation from you that you have your silo base installed and any other information that we need. Once we have this, we book in a production slot for your V-Mac Silo.


V-Mac Silo Production

When you slot comes up - your V-Mac silo will be made and painted (if required)


Delivery Planning

Our team will call you to schedule a delivery date


Delivery and Installation

Our expert team of Installers will deliver and erect your V-Mac Silo – Its important that you have the installation site clear and ready for the silo delivery and that access to the base and the site is clear and free from obstructions and animals. Installation usually only takes 1 hour for a straightforward installation.